The Kanso Graywater Treatment System integrates a range of Kanso’s modular, physical and biological treatment components to address a wide range of decentralized and distributed recycling requirements. The scalable system can be installed in a variety of on-site and in-building locations, including basements and rooftops, and can be configured for flow rates from 2,500 to 250,000 GPD and beyond.

Treated effluent from this system exceeds the most restrictive requirements for reuse, including exceptional log-reduction of pathogens and risk-based regulatory requirements, set forth in San Francisco’s Non-potable Water Ordinance, California SB 966, and other regulatory programs.


  • Cost-effective, Versatile Modular Design

    • Easily customized systems have price advantage over competing technologies

    • Modular, high-quality components minimize design complexity

    • Easy and fast installation saves on time and cost

  • Operational Ease and Simplicity Minimizes Total Cost of Ownership

    • Low Energy Demand

      • Use of fixed-film treatment stages requires smaller pumps operating with lower duty cycles compared to alternate technologies

      • Higher pump MTBF and lower power consumption keeps cost down

    • Intelligent Control System

      • Customized, modular SCADA system reduces O+M costs and keeps system operating at peak performance

      • Automated, intelligent monitoring and control of all system functions

      • Alarm notifications assist Operators in troubleshooting and resolving problems remotely

The Greywater Treatment System features Kanso’s Intelligent Control System, a SCADA user interface that enables local and remote control from PCs and mobile devices of all components including tank alarms, continual monitoring of pumps, and data-logging.



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