The Kanso Blackwater Treatment System integrates a range of Kanso’s modular, physical and biological treatment components to address a wide range of distributed and decentralized requirements. The scalable system is capable of treating a broad spectrum of process and wastewater streams and can be installed in a variety of onsite and in-building locations, including basements and rooftops. The high-quality effluent meets the most stringent requirements for non-potable reuse or discharge, including log-reduction of pathogens. The system can be configured to handle flow rates exceeding 250,000 GPD, as well as high BOD and nutrient concentrations.  


  • Cost-effective, Versatile Modular Design

    • Easily customized systems have price advantage over competing technologies

    • Modular, high-quality components minimize design complexity

    • Easy and fast installation saves on time and cost

  • Operational Ease and Simplicity Minimizes Total Cost of Ownership

    • Low Energy Demand

      • Use of fixed-film treatment stages requires smaller pumps operating with lower duty cycles compared to alternate technologies

      • Higher pump MTBF and lower power consumption keeps cost down

    • Minimal Sludge Production

      • Produces significantly less sludge than generated by other technologies resulting in less frequent need for solids removal

      • Fixed-film treatment (trickling filters) cultivates diverse microbial population resulting in extreme system resilience

    • Intelligent Control System

      • Customized, modular SCADA system reduces O+M costs and keeps system operating at peak performance

      • Automated, intelligent monitoring and control of all system functions

      • Alarm notifications assist Operators in troubleshooting and resolving problems remotely

  • Low Odor

    • Fixed-film filtration minimizes odors compared to forced-air systems

    • No need for odor management systems

The Blackwater Treatment System features Kanso’s Intelligent Control System, a SCADA user interface that enables local and remote control from PCs and mobile devices of all components including tank alarms, continual monitoring of pumps, and data-logging.



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