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Kanso, formerly known as Acqualogic, is a manufacturer of on-site wastewater recycling and freshwater treatment solutions based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our modular components combine to create complete, cost-effective systems that consume less energy than competitive systems and minimize ongoing operating costs. Kanso was formed in 2011, building on more than 25 years of successful wastewater treatment solutions designed by Fall Creek Engineering of Santa Cruz, California. The company is concentrated on providing products and water treatment knowhow to its Water Solution Partners and provides support as required. That support can include consulting, design, engineering, permitting, installation oversight, training, and remote monitoring. Kanso has installed systems throughout California as well as Central America, Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, and China.

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Kurt Bauer

Kurt Bauer joined Kanso in 2018 as President and CEO. He’s an experienced technology executive with a passion for environmental issues. Kurt is an entrepreneur with background in electrical engineering and computer science. Prior to joining Kanso, he’s had a successful career in computer networking, Wi-Fi, artificial intelligence and music tech. As CEO of Kanso, he is working to further establish the company as a world leader in Water Regeneration products.

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Peter Haase, M.S., P.E.

Peter Haase is a Registered Professional Civil Engineer in the State of California with over 33 years of professional experience in the field of civil, environmental, and water resources engineering. Peter is a recognized leader in the field of decentralized water, wastewater and stormwater management and low impact development. In his position at Kanso Peter directs the design, construction and servicing of various decentralized water and wastewater treatment projects in California and internationally.

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Deborah Rich
Business Development

Deborah Rich joined Kanso in 2018 to expand its national business presence and to manage the strategic growth. Deborah was an early player in the solar industry and brings a deep understanding of environmental business models. From permitting, procurement, and financing, to construction and commissioning, Deborah brings a wealth of experience to the Water Regeneration sector. With a background in direct and indirect sales, business development and sales operations, Deborah functions as liaison between sales, operations and manufacturing.

Deborah Parrish

Deborah Parrish has been a part of Kanso since early 2012, helping to build the infrastructure from the ground up. Her super power is shepherding companies and their leaders through profound transformation. After two decades in-the-trenches, she has come to believe that sustainable business is much more than environmental activism -- it’s a holistic approach deeply imbedded into the DNA of the organization.



What’s behind our new name?

Kanso (簡素) is a Japanese Zen Principle meaning simplicity or the elimination of clutter. Things are expressed in a plain, simple, natural manner. Kanso encourages us to focus on clarity, the kind achieved through the omission of the non-essential. 

This belief system is core to our mission and to the way we design solutions, conduct business, and live our lives. We pursue clarity quite literally in our water treatment solutions, and we aim to create sustainable and reliable systems through the elimination of all that is non-essential. It’s a continual pursuit, and a life-long practice. One that we hope you’ll find evident in doing business with us.